The Story Behind

Hi there. My name is Karen McGinnis and I am the person behind I love cooking and I'm thrilled that you have taken time to visit the site. My love for crock pot cooking started when I began looking for an easy way to make healthy food. I discovered that using a crock pot was the perfect solution. I began to wonder if I could make a website which focused solely on crock pot cooking.

Unfortunately I had absolutely no idea how to make a website. I can cook, but I'm certainly no webmaster. This site is filled with crock pot recipes but I have one more recipe that I would like to share with you. It's a recipe for success. I know, it sounds kinda corny but I'm proof that it works. Here's my story.

One Cup of Curiosity
Have you ever had an idea that you thought you could make money with? Come on, we see people all around us making money on ideas that are not even that great. After seeing a friend of mine create a website I decided that I wanted to make one as well. "Is my idea for a crock pot recipe site good enough?" I thought to myself. I love crock pot cooking so why not. I'd make a site with free recipes for everyone to enjoy. It would be great. "Sure", I thought, I know nothing about building a website but could I find a product that would help me?

Two Table Spoons of Luck
Back to that friend of mine. You know, the one with the website. I called him up and asked him how he did it. I was expecting to hear some technical mumbo jumbo about how he built his site. Just my luck! It turned out that he had absolutely zero experience when it came to website development as well. So I asked him "How did you build an entire website that people actually go to without having any experience?" He had three simple words for me; Site Build It. He went on to tell me that Site Build It is a program that does everything for you. All you do is write the content and follow the easy to use Action Guide and next thing you know you've got pages on the World Wide Web. He told me that if I could use email I could build a site.

A Pinch of Ambition
Okay. Now I don't care who it is. Anyone that tells me that it's that easy to build a website must be blowing smoke up my......well you get the idea. So like any curious person I did some research into the Site Build It program. I wanted to compare Site Build It to other programs.

"Hmmmmm, looks very good" I thought. It includes everything from your domain name, all the software and a huge support network of other users.

So maybe I could succeed after all. I also wanted to see examples of other Site Build It sites before I went ahead with my purchase. Boy did I get examples. People have successful websites on just about every possible subject. And the more I looked into it, the more I realized that a lot of people were building websites that make them money yet they had no experience.

You're on the road to success
So after thinking about it for a few days I bought the Solo Build It program. It's even better than I thought. I can use the program to determine which words and phrases (and recipes) people are looking up on the web so that I can build the appropriate pages. I use it to build pages and put pictures on my site. And whenever I have a question, I go to the Solo Build It forum and learn from the thousands of other people just like me.

If you've ever had an idea for a website (and I really mean a web business because you're making money) I highly recommend my recipe. Well, it's not just my recipe but you know what I mean. Today, I'm earning money from my site and having fun as well. Who said you can't have you're cake (or crock pot!) and eat it too?

I wish you the very best of luck.

Karen McGinnis

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas Edison

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Note: As mentioned above, this site was built with Solo Build It!, a company that was hit by a Google bomb created by competitors in 2009. That Google bomb campaign is still in the search engines and continues to be used by competitors. This matter could happen to anyone. For more information please visit SiteSell.