Cooking Low Fat Crock Pot Recipes Is Amazingly Simple

And with a wide variety of recipes, you'll never know it's good for you

Many people don’t realize that cooking with a crock pot can be incredibly healthy. Because of the “one-dish meal” stereotype, they envision calorie-laden stews, high fat casseroles, or large chunks of fatty roast. Not any more though!

There are plenty of low fat crock pot recipes out there that are tasty AND healthy. Keeping these tips in mind can keep you on the road to healthy eating using your slow cooker, and aid your weight loss attempts by giving you some variety in your diet. You can also purchase a crock pot recipe book to give you some dinner ideas.

  • Stay away from recipes that call for canned vegetables or sauces. These are usually either high in fat or high in sodium. Substitute fresh for canned whenever possible. Not only will your dinner be more nutrient rich, but it will taste better too!

  • If you really want to make a recipe that calls for a canned broth, refrigerate it before dumping it in. The cold will make the fat congeal at the top, and you can skim it off before adding it to your recipe.

  • Use fresh vegetables instead of canned when cooking. If you wait and add them closer to the end of the cooking cycle they’ll retain more nutrients. Having them a little “less” done will also add some nice texture to the dish!

Having dinner waiting for you when you walk in the door will also save you calories in a different way. How many times have you “tasted” and “snacked” while you’re cooking? You almost can’t help it when you smell all those wonderful smells. Using a crock put will completely eliminate this type of grazing, since dinner is ready to eat the moment you walk in the door!

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Char Gietz is a freelance writer and a crock pot fanatic. She loves cooking with her crock pot and writing about creative ways to use slow cookers Her numerous articles offer tips and valuable insight for any busy family.

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